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Hi {{Name}},

You recently visited {{website}} and {{took this action}}.

If you’re interested in {{content topic}} then I can recommend the following additional resources:

{{relevant resource 1}}
{{relevant resource 2}}

Our company also offers {{product/service}} which could help you {{achieve this specific result or statistic}}.

Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} to discuss this further?

Hi {{Name}},

Thanks for {{taking this action}} on {{website}}. Are you looking for a cost-effective way to {{achieve this result relevant to content topic}}?

I have done some research on {{lead company name}} and I can offer some advice regarding {{area 1}} and {{area 2}}.

Do you have time for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} to discuss a solution for your company?

Hi {{name}},

My name is {{your name}} with {{company name}}.

We help busy executives free up time for higher priorities.

I wanted to learn what productivity tools you’re currently using and show you what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call next week?

Hi [first name],

You’re leading a fast growing startup so I’ll keep this brief.

At [company name], we have great software developers that we can quickly deploy to help move things forward in your product roadmap or quickly iterate on new product ideas. We have a wide skill set from web to mobile developers as well as the ability to execute on custom software/projects or nail down your entire platform from backend to frontend.

Are you available later this week to speak over the phone for 15 minutes? I’d love to see if we can help you guys out in any way!


Hi [first name]

Your customers love you - congrats to you and the team at [company]! Based on [Company]’s G2Crowd reviews, it looks you’re doing an awesome job getting your happy customers to advocate on your behalf!

<screen capture of the review>

Have you ever considered a format strategy around customer engagement and advocacy? What other B2B marketers are finding is that companies with a happy set of users are usually leaving money on the table by not proactively tapping into their customers. We work with companies like SAP and PowerDMS who are seeing success with this approach to marketing.

Do you think It’s with chatting to learn about how we can help you build stronger relationships with your customers to help add value at every stage of the sales funnel?

Kind regards,

[first name],

I sent over a personal letter w/ a Starbuck card.

I know we’re not in the same city but I’d still love to have a coffee with you. I was hoping we could chat about using mobile marketing to improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Can we set-up a 10 min call?

Hi [first name],

I’m emailing you because I’d like you to consider adding our website to your useful links page.
Here are the reasons why you should consider doing that:

1. My boss will be happy and he won’t fire me
2. I’ll sleep better at night
3. I think It’d be a very useful ressource for your fans.

Let me know!

Best regards,

Hi [name],

My name is [name], and I work for a CRM company called Nutshell. I just found your article on CRM mapping software, and I was hoping you could include a link to one of our blog posts in the « 4. CRM Systems with Built in Multi-Record Mapping » section. Perhaps something like…

« Nutshell allows users to filter their leads and customers by everything from source to industry, then view the results on an interactive map.

In return, I’ll add a crmswithch.com backlink of your choice to…well, any of our blog posts, really. Let me know a specific term you’re trying to rank for, and I can provide you with a short list of relevant high-ranking posts that we could include you in.

Drop me a line if you’re interested, and thanks so much for your time!


Hi [first name],

I ran across your website and read [article name & link] on [article topic]. I appreciated the attention to detail. There’s more than enough nonsense masquerading as marketing advice for creators out there online, but your piece was a breath of fresh air :)

Are you interested in adding a ressource on how to sell ebooks from your own site?

I’m Alan, reaching out from Podia, I’d like to send you our guide on the topic.

Might be worth mentioning in your article (or in the future ones)?

If so, let me know and I’ll send it your way :)


Hi [first name],

My name is Guillaume and I’m the CEO ont Co-founder of Lemlist.

I’ve listened to a few episodes on your podcast and I think you guys are doing some fantastic work.

[Sentence = unique content for each podcast host. In this email, a genuine compliment]

I’d love to be your guest on the show.

For the past 1.5 years I’ve been building lemlist, an email outreach tool based on dynamic personalization (text, images, videos, landing pages). Our tool helps businesses get more replies to cold emails, and makes their sales process far more contextual and human.

After listening to your work, I believe your audience might enjoy hearing about my journey. My promise to you is that I’ll share an honest and practical story - signing 10k customers and growing 30% MoM in a vastly competitive market.

Of course, there’s a lot of other topics we could be talking about:
1. Suggested topic 1
2. Suggested topic 2
3. Suggested topic 3
4. Suggested topic 4

For references and credibility, you can check my LinkedIn profile and an episode I did with Nathan Latka.

Anyways, would love to hear your ideas and would be thrilled to join [podcast name]. If you’re up for it, lemme know.

Hi Team,

Can you please direct me to the person in your organization who looks after Strategic Alliances and Partnerships? JustCall is an intelligent cloud telephony provider that integrates with multiple other CRMs and Helpdesks allowing agents to automate, track and analyze their calls/SMS.

I am reaching out to discuss a potential partnership with [company name]. on a revenue-sharing basis as we are also a PipeDrive Integrator.

Looking forward to your response.


Hi [first name],

First of all I hope you’re doing well during these crazy times.

I saw you’re hiring for a sales position on AngelList and I was wondering if this is something I could help with you.

We help tech companies generate 5+ qualified sales appointments per week with cold emails (like this one). Our clients have gotten meetings with decision-makers at companies like Hulu, Uber, or the North Face.

Are you up for a quick 5-10 min chat about this?


Hi [First Name],

If you’re like most [lead’s role], you know how hard it can be to [deal with the problem your company solves].

Our [product/service] eliminates the stress and improves this by [one-sentence pitch]. Here’s what [customer ] has said about us:

[customer testimonial about the problem]

Would you like to also have [the benefit of your product]? If yes, will you email me the best time to give you a call next week?

Hi [First Name],

What would you [or leads company] do with [the big benefit of your product/service]?

Does that seem unrealistic, well it happened to more than a few of our customers?

Including [your customer] who [insert benefit or success stats] when they used [your product/service].

As you might have noticed, both companies are similar in size and industry to [lead’s company].

I’m confident [your company] can get you similar results.

Would you have some free time next week for a personalized demo?

Hi [First Name],

Does your [lead’s company] suffer from [painful problem]?

It’s a tough issue to overcome, and something most [companies in your lead’s industry] suffer from. And it can cost [stat or research to agitate painful problem].

Our [product/service] helps you avoid this with [benefit /one-sentence pitch].

I’d love to show you more. Are you open to a call at [date and time] next week?

Hi [First Name],

In the latter half of 2018, the future was looking bleak for [star person/company].

With [cause of the problem/arch] [star] needed to [get result related to your product/service].

A tough task, considering [cause of the problem/arch]. So how did [star] win?

[Short sentence on the star’s triumph, (the triumph should relate to your product/service)].

[Your company] specializes in [product/service that helped star win].

We’ve helped [company 1] and [company 2] do this.

I have a personalized template to help you [benefit]. Can I send it to you?

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