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I’m [your name] reaching out from [your company].

Yes, this is another awkward cold email. Yes, I’m going to introduce myself and as for a meeting. BUT being self-aware means I’ve done my research!

[Connection/uncommon commonality between you and them or someone in their company].

[Brief summary of your company’s services]. Does this sound like something of value to [Company name] or maybe something you’re actively looking for?

Here is [ungated content] that shares a bit more.

Are you open to talking next week?


Hi [name],

I wanted to give you a quick shout to introduce you to [tool or service name], a new tool that helps companies [use/value].

The easiest way to get a feel for [tool/service name] is to check out this quick video of it in action.

[embed a short video introducing your offer or a screen recording of the tool being used].

Want to give it a run yourself? You can take it for a two-week free trial [link to demo landing page] or shoot me a message if you have any questions.


Hi [name],

Couldn’t help but notice that you had a chance to open the [report] I ran on [company name] yesterday. There were some interesting trends and a but of room for improvement.

I was curious to see if I could answer any questions or provide more clarity for you. I’d be happy to supply you with [demo or content offer] to show how we can help.

If you’re available, let’s schedule a quick call this week to talk over the details.


Hey [name],

I routinely review business relationships in my CRM and, typically, if I don’t hear back from someone for 30 days, it means they’re either really busy or just not interested.

If you’re not interested, just shoot me a quick reply and I’ll promptly close your tab in our CRM and never both you with [your company] sales emails again:
1 - « Sorry I was really swamped but I’m still interested… »
0 - « Please close my tab, I’m not interested… »


Hey [name],

I noticed that you opened the email that I sent you on [date sent] and checked out our site [site hyperlink]. But, I never heard back from you.

I was simply wondering if this means you’re interested in learning more about [your company] and how we can provide value to your business.

As someone who is constantly reaching out to numerous prospects up and down [company location], I wanted to follow up today to see if you have any questions about [you company] or any of our products. I think you »re the perfect person to discuss our services’s value with.

Do you have 10 minutes for a brief phone call next week?


Hi [name],

I see that you’re using Infusionsoft as an email marketing for [company name].

What if you could do even more for a lower price?

ActiveCampaign helps you segment your contact list and automate your outreach in our easy-to-use automation builder. We also integrate with Thinkific to auto-update contacts and increase enrollments in your online courses.

Do you have 5-10 minutes this week to explore your options and discuss the differences? Feel free use the link below to schedule a call with me as well.


Hi [name],

I saw your Tweet this morning about lead qualifying and I think ActiveCampaign has a solution for you.

Lead scoring is a feature many of our customers have successfully used to solve lead qualifying problems like yours. Based on specific actions your contacts take, you can qualify interest level and take direct action when It makes sense for you sales processes.

The best part is you define what actions are the most valuable.

Does this scratch at the surface of what you had in mind? It’s with taking a look at.

If so, I suggest we hop on a quick 15 minute call. We can run some diagnostics and get you the information & next steps needed. Or you can hop on a free trial and test it out today.

Let me know.

Hi [name],

Have you heard about our upcoming ActiveCampaign conference this June?

We are currently offering a 50% discount (use code: CUSTOMER) when you sign up for the event.

Here is a link with more information: (link)

Here is the direct link to sign up with the discount code: (link)


If you have any questions, you can book a quick call with me here:

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