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[first name],

I sent over a personal letter w/ a Starbuck card.

I know we’re not in the same city but I’d still love to have a coffee with you. I was hoping we could chat about using mobile marketing to improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Can we set-up a 10 min call?

Hi [first name],

First of all I hope you’re doing well during these crazy times.

I saw you’re hiring for a sales position on AngelList and I was wondering if this is something I could help with you.

We help tech companies generate 5+ qualified sales appointments per week with cold emails (like this one). Our clients have gotten meetings with decision-makers at companies like Hulu, Uber, or the North Face.

Are you up for a quick 5-10 min chat about this?


Hi [First Name],

Want to see how you can instantly [benefit of your product]?

I know you’re busy working to [end result that your product/service helps with], so I’ll make this quick.

I’m the lead [role at your company], and I’ve got a few suggestions to help you immediately generate some quick wins with [area your lead is working on]. Here they are:

[Tip 1]

[Tip 2]

You might not have the time to this though, and that’s were [your company] can help. Would you like a quick 15-minute session during the next week so I can walk you through the tips and discuss this further?

Hi [First Name],

So I was browsing your website and saw that you are using [competitor’s product]. How is it working out for you? I work for [your company].

Our [product] is similar to [your competitor’s product], only our customers’ report we’re better with [key USP and differentiators]. Which might work better for [lead’s company].

I would love to hop on a quick call with you and see if we could make [lead’s] company] better.

How does [date and time] work for you?

Hi [First Name],

Congratulations on your recent round of funding!

Your shining reviews on [insert link or mention site] say a lot about your team. It’s clear that you’re going to make an impact on the [insert industry/market] soon.

I just wanted to say congratulations, I look forward to more good news about [their company].

My name is [your name], I work at [your company], and we [one-pitch sentence]. If you need anything at all, just give us a shout.

Hi [First Name],

I know you’re busy, so here’s the deal:

I recently helped [insert popular company you helped] to [result you helped achieved].

This is one of [your company] biggest success stories to date.

We’ve also received shining reviews from the likes of [company1] and [company 2]. I’m emailing you because I think we can [insert benefit/pitch] for [lead’s company] too. How do you feel about a 5-minute phone call next week?

Hi [First Name],

I saw your content on [platform]. I loved it so much I shared it with my [team, boss, friend].

You guys are doing great things. I like how you [ specific compliment on something lead or lead’s company published or did]. And I know you’re busy, so I’ll make this quick:

We’ve spent over 2 hours to create a personalized demo for [company] on how to [achieve result]. I would love for you to have a look and let us know if you find it useful at all?

Hi [name],

Sorry to trouble you. Would you be so kind as to tell me who is responsible for [insert your biggest pain point here that resonates with your ideal customer; OR insert function like « sales » or « recruiting »] and how I might get in touch with them?


Hi [name],

I see that you’re a [sports team] fan, so you must be excited about [team current event].

As [company name] continues to scale, your [department] team needs [pain point resolution] just as [relate to sports team].
We’re the [coach or play] of [industry].

[name], I’d love to be referred to the best person on your [department] team to introduce [you company] as a means to hit your [goal].


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