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Hi {{Name}},

You recently visited {{website}} and {{took this action}}.

If you’re interested in {{content topic}} then I can recommend the following additional resources:

{{relevant resource 1}}
{{relevant resource 2}}

Our company also offers {{product/service}} which could help you {{achieve this specific result or statistic}}.

Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} to discuss this further?

Hi {{Name}},

Thanks for {{taking this action}} on {{website}}. Are you looking for a cost-effective way to {{achieve this result relevant to content topic}}?

I have done some research on {{lead company name}} and I can offer some advice regarding {{area 1}} and {{area 2}}.

Do you have time for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} to discuss a solution for your company?

Hi [name],

Couldn’t help but notice that you had a chance to open the [report] I ran on [company name] yesterday. There were some interesting trends and a but of room for improvement.

I was curious to see if I could answer any questions or provide more clarity for you. I’d be happy to supply you with [demo or content offer] to show how we can help.

If you’re available, let’s schedule a quick call this week to talk over the details.


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