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Hi [first name]

Your customers love you - congrats to you and the team at [company]! Based on [Company]’s G2Crowd reviews, it looks you’re doing an awesome job getting your happy customers to advocate on your behalf!

<screen capture of the review>

Have you ever considered a format strategy around customer engagement and advocacy? What other B2B marketers are finding is that companies with a happy set of users are usually leaving money on the table by not proactively tapping into their customers. We work with companies like SAP and PowerDMS who are seeing success with this approach to marketing.

Do you think It’s with chatting to learn about how we can help you build stronger relationships with your customers to help add value at every stage of the sales funnel?

Kind regards,

Hi {{name}},

Just saw the news about {{trigger event}}. Congrats!

Usually when this happens, {{insert value prop}} becomes a priority. So, I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped {{similar company}} {{benefit}}.

I know things at {{company name}} must be crazy now, but If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call.

How does {{specific day and time}} look on your calendar? Alternatively, here’s a link to my calendar or feel free to send me yours.

Hi {{name}},

Congrats! I just saw that you were chosen as a speaker for the 2019 Inbound Marketing conference next month.

As you’re preparing for your presentation, it’s natural to fall behind on other tasks. If you’re struggling to keep up, I’d love to show you how our software can help you reclaim ten hours or more per week.

Can I have ten minutes of your time next week to give you a personalized demo?

Hi [first name],

First of all I hope you’re doing well during these crazy times.

I saw you’re hiring for a sales position on AngelList and I was wondering if this is something I could help with you.

We help tech companies generate 5+ qualified sales appointments per week with cold emails (like this one). Our clients have gotten meetings with decision-makers at companies like Hulu, Uber, or the North Face.

Are you up for a quick 5-10 min chat about this?


Hi [First Name],

Congratulations on your recent round of funding!

Your shining reviews on [insert link or mention site] say a lot about your team. It’s clear that you’re going to make an impact on the [insert industry/market] soon.

I just wanted to say congratulations, I look forward to more good news about [their company].

My name is [your name], I work at [your company], and we [one-pitch sentence]. If you need anything at all, just give us a shout.

Hi [name],

I see that you’re a [sports team] fan, so you must be excited about [team current event].

As [company name] continues to scale, your [department] team needs [pain point resolution] just as [relate to sports team].
We’re the [coach or play] of [industry].

[name], I’d love to be referred to the best person on your [department] team to introduce [you company] as a means to hit your [goal].


Hi [name],

I saw your Tweet this morning about lead qualifying and I think ActiveCampaign has a solution for you.

Lead scoring is a feature many of our customers have successfully used to solve lead qualifying problems like yours. Based on specific actions your contacts take, you can qualify interest level and take direct action when It makes sense for you sales processes.

The best part is you define what actions are the most valuable.

Does this scratch at the surface of what you had in mind? It’s with taking a look at.

If so, I suggest we hop on a quick 15 minute call. We can run some diagnostics and get you the information & next steps needed. Or you can hop on a free trial and test it out today.

Let me know.

Hi [first name],

I see that you’re a [team] fan, so you must be excited about [player] [player’s achievement].

As [company name] continues to scale, your [department] team needs [pain point that you solve for] just as [how same point applies to team]. We’re the [player] of [industry market niche]… [funny comparison].

[first name], I’d love (if possible) to be referred to the best person on your [department] team to introduce [your company] as a mean to hit your [goal].


Hey, [name]!

Congratulations on your recent [round of funding/promotion].

What you’re doing is going to impact [their industry] in a major way.

I look forward to seeing how you improve it!


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