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Hi [name],

Couldn’t help but notice that you had a chance to open the [report] I ran on [company name] yesterday. There were some interesting trends and a but of room for improvement.

I was curious to see if I could answer any questions or provide more clarity for you. I’d be happy to supply you with [demo or content offer] to show how we can help.

If you’re available, let’s schedule a quick call this week to talk over the details.


Hey [name],

I routinely review business relationships in my CRM and, typically, if I don’t hear back from someone for 30 days, it means they’re either really busy or just not interested.

If you’re not interested, just shoot me a quick reply and I’ll promptly close your tab in our CRM and never both you with [your company] sales emails again:
1 - « Sorry I was really swamped but I’m still interested… »
0 - « Please close my tab, I’m not interested… »


Hey [name],

I noticed that you opened the email that I sent you on [date sent] and checked out our site [site hyperlink]. But, I never heard back from you.

I was simply wondering if this means you’re interested in learning more about [your company] and how we can provide value to your business.

As someone who is constantly reaching out to numerous prospects up and down [company location], I wanted to follow up today to see if you have any questions about [you company] or any of our products. I think you »re the perfect person to discuss our services’s value with.

Do you have 10 minutes for a brief phone call next week?


Hi [Name],

I was just wondering whether you'd had a chance to take a look at the below that I sent across the other day?

I appreciate that your inbox will be busy, but I just wanted to loop back in as I think that this could be great for you because [Value add].

[Original email]

[Email Signature]

Hi First Name,

If *your* last week was anything like *my* last week, I *100%* understand if you didn't catch my first email.

Hope we can sync up soon.

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