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Hey [first name],

I’ve been a listener of [podcast name], for quite a while and I love what you’ve been doing with [project name] over the past couple of years too.

I’m reaching out because I’m working on a new piece geared towards giving millennials actionable business advice from those who’ve already learned a lot of the hard lessons themselves and I’ve love to hear your take on this.

The post will be publishing to my blog and and I’d love to get a quick quote from you to include in the piece if you’re up for it.

If you’d be able to answer this question in a few sentences, that would be amazing:

Whats’s the most painful mistake you see first-time (or inexperienced) entrepreneurs make? How do you advice them on overcoming that challenge?

Hi [first name],

Mark from PandaDoc here! I’m putting together a huge roundup post for the PandaDoc blog (link) on the top sales blogs, and naturally, I’ll be including [blog].

I’m reaching out because there are two things we’ll be including for each blog we mention, and I’d love to get your input on them!

1. A 2-2 sentence introduction in your own words on what [blog] is all about.
2. A link to your piece of content. You article [article] is one I found particularity interesting but wanted to check with you see if you have an other sales-focused articles or ressources that you think would be a better fit.

Thanks [first name], keep up the great work and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi [First Name],

I enjoyed your post on [site] and I found it very useful, it left me with some practical ideas to implement here at [your company].

I thought I’d return the favor and give you something useful too. I found this article on [article topic] that may be beneficial to you.

Here’s the link to check it out [link].

I hope it helps you and your team.

Hi [name],

I was searching for some content on Google and found an article where you mentioned [competitor name]. I was wondering if you would be interested in linking [your company] our our recent article to your blog? I am sure It will be a great source for your audience. We have a similar tool like [competitor] and [tool features]. We’re looking to get the word out.

If you’re interested then we can also offer you the following:
- [feature]
- [benefit]

Lastly, please let me know if there is anything of YOURS that I can promote for you. I’m happy to share it on my social media accounts and with my audience.


Hey [name],

I first heard about [company name] when you wrote about Ramit Sethi’s huge, course-launching email sequence.

Back then I was barely blogging — but I recently started doing content marketing at ActiveCampaign, and I had a chance to link to that post (link of the post).

We have a pretty high domain authority, so I wanted to reach out to ask: is there any other content you’d like me to link to?

I’ll keep linking to your content whether you respond or not (because It’s good). But I wanted to see of there was anything you’re specifically trying to promote.


Hi [first name],

i just wanted to tell you that I really love what you’re doing at [company]. If I could ever help you in anything, that coud be awesome!

You might find my experience in [your experience domain] useful. I blog a bit about it - here’s a link [content link] if you would like to check out if I’m the real deal.

I’d love to steal some of your tome to talk about what you do. Would you mind, maybe at least a 15 minute call?

Hey John,

Upon publishing our most recent blog post, “TITLE HERE,” I immediately thought of you and your company.

The blog post examines many aspects of social media marketing, complete with quotes from thought leaders and a variety of data points.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the post, including any feedback we could use in the future to provide our audience with better content.

Of course, don’t hesitate to share some of your favorite blog posts. I am always interested in reading what other industry professionals have to say.

Thanks for your time.


Bonjour {{firstName}},

I’m a huge fan of your content, I especially liked your extended piece about {{articleTopic}}, and the way you {{articleBenefit}}.

Anyway, I was wondering - are you accepting guest blog posts?

I’m Ugi - reaching out to you from {{YourCompany}} - and would like to write an actionable and very deep article about {{desiredTopic}}.

Here’re the three topics I have on my mind:
- {{topic1}}
- {{topic2}}
- {{topic3}}

If you want to check the quality of my article, you can see my latest (and one of the best) article here {{yourArticleURL}}.

Thanks and looking forward to our collaboration,

Hi {{FirstName}},

I’ve just checked your content about {{TOPIC}} and I must admit that you did a great job especially with [something unique about his content]

Since I have been exploring and writing about it a lot in the past months, I thought that I could bring some extra value to your audience where I saw that you’re missing an article about {{yourDesiredTopic}}

If you’re interested, I can write one extended, in-depth and highly-actionable guest blog post for {{hisWebsite}}.

I bet it will be a huge value bomb for your audience ;)

Let me know what you think. As soon as I get back from you, I will prepare you an outline so we can be on the same line.


Hi [Name],

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

I'm [Name], the [Job Role] at [Company]. I have more than [X Years] experience in the industry and, over that time, have built up a specialist experience in [Specialism].

I'm getting in touch to open up a discussion around an opportunity for us to collaborate and add value to your readers.

I had a few ideas for insight-driven articles that I think your readers would love; all backed by my knowledge and expertise.

The topic ideas that I had are:

[Ideas list]

This could be a great opportunity for your readers to read a fresh perspective on these topics from someone with years of experience.

You can see some examples of other articles I've written here:

[examples list]

Of course, I'm happy to also discuss any other ideas that you have, even if that's giving expert comments for pieces of content you're already working on.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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