Human-powered prospecting based on
your ideal customer profile

We'll manually research hyper-targeted prospects for your business, provide you with exclusive information to personalize your emails and skyrocket your reply rate.

Hyper targeted leads,
for your specific use case.

We've been in your shoes. Leads from data providers are outdated and irrelevant to your business. Not to mention, your competition also has access to the same leads.

99leads is on a mission to provide high quality leads, specifically tailored for your business, and sourced exclusively for you.

All at a transparent & affordable price.

All our leads are

  • Customized

    We do all of our research based on the criteria YOU define, whatever they may be.

  • Accurate

    Researched by hand and double verified to keep your bounce rate at 0%.

  • Exclusive

    None of the leads we provide you will ever be shared with other customers, including your competitors.

  • Personalizable

    With every contact, we send valuable pieces of information to personalize your outreach and increase your reply rate.

A list of hyper target prospects

How it works

Tell us about your ideal customer

We have a small questionnaire you can quickly fill online. No payment required.

We'll do some research and provide you with a timeframe.

We're pretty fast too. On average, we can have a 500 list ready in 26 hours.

Pay the fee & get your list on the agreed upon date.

We believe in transparent pricing. You can see our prices below before comitting more of your time.


Flat, affordable & transparent pricing

Get your first 100 clients or grow your customer base for a very low, one time investment.

Low volume

$0.89 /prospect

For entrepreneurs, startups & agencies looking to get their first 500 customers.

  • Up to 5 selection criteria.

  • Up to 3 data points per prospect.

  • Minimum : 100 Leads.

Medium Volume

$0.69 /prospect

For entrepreneurs, startups & agencies looking to grow their customer base.

  • Up to 5 selection criteria.

  • Up to 3 data points per prospect.

  • Minimum : 500 Leads.

Frequently asked questions

What are selection criteria?

Selection criteria define your ideal customer. These can be anything, from general criteria like "companies with 100 employees or more", to more specific ones like "agencies who use wordpress on their client's websites".

What are data points ?

Data points are attribute of the prospect or their companies, These can be things like "company funding", "number of employees", or anything else you may need.

I need more than 1000 leads, can I get a discount?

Yes! Reach out to us via e-mail at : hello[at]

Are there any data points provided by default ?

Yes the following data points are provided by default and do not count towards the data point limit of your plan : Prospect full name, prospect email address, company name, company website, personalization information.

How long will it take to get my list ready ?

We're pretty fast. After approval of your selection criteria, we can have your list ready in less than 48 hours.

How will you deliver my list ?

We can work with whatever works for you! Whether it's a simple csv, google sheets, or airtable, we got you covered.

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